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We know how frustrating it can be to work with a vendor that forgets to place orders, orders items with the wrong specs, or doesn’t understand how simple measurements are measured correctly. These issues stop the job and increases timeline and prevent other scopes from starting their work. If you’re a builder that doesn’t cut corners, doesn’t sacrifice workmanship, and has high integrity, we want to help you succeed.

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Tools & Resources for Builders

Lead Times

For each of the window and door brands we carry, stay up to date on the latest average lead time information.

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Warranty Service Support​

Having trouble with warranty issues? Let our team help you through our manufacturer connections!

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Project Photography​

We offer our builders photography and publication opportunities to bring more awareness to your company

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We offer workshops to ensure your team know all of the important information on our products.

New Product Updates​

Stay in the know on the latest newest product updates & feature for all of the brands we’re partnered with.

Emergency Storage​

Don’t have enough storage for your windows and doors? We provide our builders with emergency storage opportunities.

Specification Sheets & Shop Drawings

Reviewing the details of your order with your team is critical.

Pre-Construction Meetings

Whether in the design stage or out in the field we are by your side to assist with creating an action plan.

Product Samples & Comparisons

We know the importance of the real thing and work with your team to create jobsite mockups.

Continuing Education & New Products

CEU Classes AIA and ASID

Factory Tours & Events

We have several local factories that we are happy to tour with customers, and we offer out-of-State tours as well.

Building Science, Installation Support & Certifications

Knowledge is power and we support our building partners who share in our passion by offering access to these events.

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We have automated multislide doors, lift and slide doors, patio sliders, folding doors, French doors, pivot doors, Dutch doors, barn doors, double hungs, sliders, tilt and turns, push outs, casements, awning windows, storefront systems, and many, many, more. We offer standard-size and custom doors and windows that range from entry doors to custom-made windows inside of doors. Our most popular window sold all over the USA is the Pass Through Window. To see all of the windows and doors we offer, please review our Products Page by Category, or, even better, give us a call and schedule an appointment to see us!

While we wish we could show every window and door type, finish color, glass type, and hardware type from every manufacturer’s collection we offer, there are a myriad of combinations and product lines that are constantly being improved and discontinued. It is important for us to be able to explain to you the features that best meet your home’s needs. For certain projects we can do mock up samples when the timeline permits. We advise all potential customers to speak to us early in the process, before your home breaks ground, as lead times due to COVID19 can be extremely long and are constantly changing.

We provide the highest quality and warrantied windows and doors with the best warranty service policies. To discover more about our top window and door manufacturers’ product collections, please review our Products Page by Brand, or, even better, give us a call and schedule an appointment to see us! If you are curious about our full list of all our manufacturers of windows and doors we offer, please contact

As a premium service provider, we offer several services upon request at each stage of the window and door buying process:

  1. Discovery: Product demonstrations, pre-construction plan review; preliminary field-measurement; preliminary budget pricing;
  2. Evaluation: Warranty analysis, product comparison and product features analysis; T24 reporting and specification and cut sheet review, finished detail review, samples requests for jobsite and mock-ups.
  3. Order Review: Final measure, shop drawings, and final order review
  4. Delivery coordination: collaborate with installer and building team, delivery back-up plan, product inspection guidelines
  5. Post Delivery: Warranty service support, unwrapped product inspection support, home-owner move in support
Some other services we offer include:
  • Specification Sheets & Shop Drawings: Reviewing the details of your order with your team is critical
  • Product Samples & Comparisons: We know the importance of the real thing and work with your team to create jobsite mockups
  • Continuing Education & New Products: CEU Classes AIA and ASID
  • Factory Tours & Events: We have several local factories that we are happy to tour with customers, and we offer out-of-State tours as well
  • Building Science, Installation Support & Certifications: Knowledge is power and we support our building partners who share in our passion by offering access to these events

Our team is trained to offer the highest quality customer service, from educating customers about the products we sell, to supporting the sales process in the field with preliminary measurement and final review with your building team. For more details about all our services please review our services page.

Most often, once you have selected the product(s) that will meet your goals, we provide referrals to and collaborate with our licensed network of industry partners to ensure a successful window and door buying experience.

Our VIP industry partner services include marketing and photography, on the job support, continuing education programs in the field of Building Science and Architecture (AIA) and Interior Design (ASID), and guided factory tours.

If you are a Designer Window Supply customer, Please visit this page to submit your claim and a service representative will be in touch shortly. Photos and videos of the issue are very helpful to get the ball rolling and can be sent to

Warranty service claims are supported through the purchasing dealer. It is strongly advisable to know the following information:

  • Manufacturer
  • Order number
  • Year of purchase.

If you do not have this information, there is a “bug” in the corner of the glass that is a unique identifier for any window and door. Checking the hardware for manufacturer name is another technique we recommend.

Having a record of your Manufacturer’s warranty is extremely important, so that the terms of warranty are followed. Oftentimes, at the 10 or 20 year mark, a warranty for materials ONLY is expired. If the product is out of warranty, we can help you determine if the best recourse is to purchase a new window or door, or if you need a company that specializes in servicing and replacing parts for window and door hardware.

If we are not the original dealer who sold your product, our hands are tied for warranty service claims as we do not have a record of your order. Also, if you are beyond the warranty period, the manufacturer will not provide materials.

We offer several product lines from over a dozen manufacturers for new construction (nail-fin or block frame) and new retrofit (flange, casing or zbar) replacement windows. With new retrofit windows, the existing window or door frame stays intact and there is no penetration of the existing waterproofing; the new retrofit window is slide into the existing opening and the retrofit flange covers the old frame. This is a much faster and economical solution when compared to new construction. The tradeoff is you loose daylight opening and have a thicker frame build up to the exterior and interior.

We do offer several product lines with short lead-time. Call for more information.

Regardless of how you identify yourself (builder, homeowner, developer, architect, designer), we use these markers to facilitate our process:

  1. Understand your primary goal and timeline for buying new windows and doors.
  2. Review and select the product for budgeting (pricing and lead-time) purposes.
  3. Approve Quote, understand warranty, and initiate final review of specification sheets, shop drawings (if applicable), finishes and finish details with the building and design team and the homeowner.
  4. Approve contract and submit deposit payment to initiate the order approval process with the factory.
  5. Begin delivery coordination with the installation team and mark the ETA of the materials.
  6. Check in with the factory and the jobsite regarding jobsite readiness.
  7. Send an invoice for final payment and begin delivery coordination two weeks prior to the ETA.
  8. Receive the delivery, inspect the product, and schedule a check in of an unwrapped product follow up.
  9. Additionally requested post-sale support services.

On average, proposals take 1-2 weeks. This depends on scope, if plans are present, and if special factory approval is needed. If drawings are required as part of the order process, we need a deposit and on average 2-4 weeks to generate drawings.

With an engaged customer, the sales process typically takes 2 weeks to review and revise the window and door package, as there can be several parties participating in the review process – homeowner, builder, and architect.

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