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Welcome to the breathtaking beauty of a Modern Scenic Estate in the picturesque town of Del Mar, California. This magnificent 7,000 sqft canyon estate boasts the finest Marvin doors and windows, harmonizing with the contemporary charm of Del Mar / Preserve.

Project Overview:

  • Style: Contemporary
  • Location: Del Mar / Preserve, California
  • Manufacturer: Marvin
  • Supplier: Designer Window Supply

Description: Experience the seamless fusion of modern design with scenic allure in this captivating Del Mar estate. Designer Window Supply takes immense pride in bringing you the finest Marvin doors and windows, perfectly complementing the contemporary aesthetics.

Project Scope:

  • Number of Doors: 10
  • Number of Windows: 22
  • Total Doors and Windows: 32

Total Square Footage: 7,000 sqft

Budget Range: $140,000 – $160,000

Architect’s Vision and Customization: The architect envisioned a modern look for the estate and specified Marvin’s new contemporary line. The goal was to create a contemporary feel with custom sticking and styles and rails across several product types, including Lift and Slide, Multi-slide, French, and Swing doors. Marvin’s perfect shop drawings played a crucial role in achieving this vision.

Collaborative Perfection: The project thrived on a strong collaboration among the architect, builder, and homeowner. Designer Window Supply’s team seamlessly updated the stakeholders with window and door shops, allowing them to perfect the plan and ensure a flawless execution.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living: The integration of Marvin Lift and Slide doors featured concealed flush tracks with drainage, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor transition and capturing the essence of Del Mar’s scenic beauty. This project played a vital role in Marvin’s Modern Research and Development initiatives.

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