Fleetwood is a California-based, all-aluminum, window and door manufacturer with over 60 years manufacturing windows and doors. Fleetwood’s focus is to innovate, not imitate. Fleetwood offers much more value than any other window and door company. Once you have operated one of Fleetwood’s life size doors (the bigger the better!) you will understand its reputation. View our dealer page on Fleetwoodusa.com.

Product lines


The EDGE Collection is a line of products inspired by a few European designs. Though these designs excelled in concept, they were weak in essential features. It took the Fleetwood design team over 3 years to complete the designs of the first two products in the Collection, the EDGE |s| and EDGE |f|.


Gen4 products ascended from the 3-Series in a response to luxury home architects. They were yearning for the essential designs of certain 3-Series windows and doors BUT with added features. The first member of the Gen4 family is the Series 4070-T. Its design intention was to capture the beauty of the Series 3070 yet with larger glass capability and a flush threshold that reveals more flooring instead of track. The rest of the Gen4 products followed a similar impetus and each holds a unique position in the market.


Though the 3-Series is the entry point, the products are not ‘entry level’ in any regard. The window market is filled with similar windows and doors, some of which are good and some better. However, only Fleetwood owns the position of best in class.

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