Pass Through Window

The Pass Through Window is an awning-style window which means it hinges at the top and opens towards the outside. The revolutionary feature of the pass through window is that it has no bottom sill, allowing an unbroken counterspace between the kitchen or bar and the backyard. Perfect for entertaining! In addition to the awning-style pass through window, homeowners have options of several other types of windows that can serve a similar function, such as the LaCantina bifolding servery-style window, or the sliding or multi sliding windows that have bottom sills placed into the countertop. Learn more in our “How to Pick the Best Type of Window for your Kitchen Remodel” blog. 


  • The true pass through feature of a continuous counter top is achieved by removing the bottom sill.

  • Hydraulic struts support a maximum 8-1/2 feet wide by 6 feet tall unit.

  • Two weatherstripping seals surround the entire sash and frame.

  • Exterior is 16 gauge American steel, interior paint-grade solid wood comes primed or raw.

  • Tempered glass only. LowE Coatings available. Specialty glass available.

  • Multi-point hardware white, bronze or silver.

Shop drawings and installation consulting provided with order. Manufactured in the United States by craftsman.

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No third party testing has been conducted, but this window is very durable as it is made of steel, uses safety glass and is built to last.

2 year warranty on parts.

Yes, we ship all over the continental USA. Unit comes package and crated.

Along with shop drawings, we provide installation instructions and video.

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