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Encinitas, Spanish & Mediterranean

Step into the enchanting world of Spanish Revival architecture in the coastal town of Encinitas, California. This beautiful 5,000 sqft home showcases the timeless allure of Spanish & Mediterranean design, enhanced by the elegance of LaCantina Doors, thoughtfully provided by Designer Window Supply.

Project Overview:

  • Style: Spanish Revival
  • Location: Encinitas, California
  • Manufacturer: LaCantina Doors
  • Supplier: Designer Window Supply

Description: Discover the essence of Spanish Revival living in this captivating 5,000 sqft home in Encinitas. Designer Window Supply takes pride in bringing you the finest LaCantina Doors that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a harmonious courtyard experience.

Project Scope:

  • Number of Doors: 8
  • Number of Windows: 3
  • Total Doors and Windows: 11

Budget Range: $70,000 – $80,000

Client Profile: The homeowner’s vision was to maximize the return on investment (ROI) by embracing the Spanish style’s indoor-outdoor living concept. With a focus on courtyards and Spanish-inspired elements, the goal was to create a truly immersive and captivating living experience.

Seamless Integration of LaCantina Doors:

  1. The builder, recognizing the value of LaCantina Doors, sent the homeowner to Designer Window Supply to select the best products that perfectly complemented the Spanish Revival theme.
  2. The expertise of Designer Window Supply’s field service played a crucial role in ensuring flawless installations. With a combination of replacement in existing openings and new construction installations, the team executed the project with precision.

Technical Expertise and Attention to Detail: Matching the new finishes to the existing ones required meticulous technical planning and execution. Designer Window Supply’s team ensured that every detail aligned with the Spanish Revival aesthetic, creating a seamless and visually stunning environment.

Project Year: 2021

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