Beach Bungalow | Pacific Beach | Marvin, Fleetwood

Coastal / Beach, Pacific Beach

Project Scope

Profile: Pacific Beach, Contemporary Coastal, New Marvin Essential windows and Fleetwood 3 Series Sliding doors, 1 Custom Wood entry dutch door

Scope: Replaced 21 windows, 3 sliding doors and 1 entry door in the existing openings.

Client’s Goal: Update old single pane aluminum windows and doors in a coastal environment.
Solution: Beautiful, prefinished products that offer durability and coastal warranty protection for this forever home and rental unit.

The Details

This Pacific Beach remodel of 21 windows and 4 doors, showcases a stunning coastal beach bungalow and accessory dwelling unit (ADU) renovation. The primary challenge we faced was replacing the outdated single pane aluminum windows, which were over 40 years old and provided poor performance and comfort.
The project encompassed two properties—the main house and the ADU. For the house, we installed three sleek sliding doors and twelve windows, while the ADU required nine retrofit windows with flat casing. Our objective was to maintain a consistent, updated look for both properties, and the clients specifically expressed their preference for the contemporary, black-on-black design, which seamlessly refreshed the home without altering the floor plan.

Situated just one block away from the beach, we had to consider the coastal environment and the frequent marine layer. Therefore, we recommended a coastal-grade product that would withstand the elements and offer long-lasting durability. Additionally, the ADU presented a challenge due to limited access on the second story, necessitating a retrofit installation method with flat casing. To ensure the highest quality and longevity to their window and doors, we provided the clients with coastal warranties for the windows and sliding doors. The Marvin Essential windows offered a 20-year warranty with a marine durable finish, while, similarly Fleetwood’s 3 Series sliding doors were chosen for their superior sliding functionality (2 finger operation), high quality fit-and-finish, and 20-year coastal warranty.

Working within a moderate, material only, budget of $40,000 to $50,000 for both projects, we were able to drive cost savings with the design and build team by having the right plan that was successfully executed from start to finish. Thanks to our accurate window and door plan that aligned with the clients’ lifestyle needs and budget, we were able to build within the standard size for the home portion of the project, resulting in cost savings for the clients.

Aside from the contemporary aesthetic and comfort enhancements, our clients were also thrilled about the anticipated return on investment (ROI) in terms of energy savings on their monthly bills. With the installation of new, efficient windows and sliding doors, they can look forward to reduced energy consumption and lower utility costs.

This Pacific Beach project exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional results, combining functionality, style, and longevity to create spaces that truly transform the coastal living experience to the homeowner’s individual lifestyle needs.

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