Whether you start the process by creating plans with an architect, hiring a contractor, or getting preliminary measurements from a window and door dealer, we are here to help you get the ball rolling. Please schedule an appointment.

Warranty service claims are supported through the purchasing dealer.  Please visit this page to submit your claim and a service representative will be in touch shortly.  Photos and videos of the issue are very helpful to get the ball rolling and can be sent to support@designerwindowsupply.com

There are hundreds of window and door products to choose from, which is why educating our customers is our core mission along with learning the unique needs of how you live in your home. These factors are key to a successful window and door buying experience.

We have talented and experienced sales team advisors that will help you to understand and choose the right high quality and warrantied materials for your project within your budget.

We truly value working with architects, as a picture is worth a thousand words. However, when this option is not available, our advisors are knowledgeable about not only the exterior and interior finished details and varying sill conditions, but also the performance, rating, and warranty coverage of the windows and doors.

We are a material-only supplier so we do not contractually include installation into our quotes.  However, we do work hand-in-hand with licensed installers and professional builders. We collaborate with the building team to make sure all net frame measurements are reviewed.  Here are some of the resources we provide to support installation: specification sheets, cut sheets, shop drawing, architectural details, and installation instructions and videos.  

We only sell new windows and doors.  We offer new construction or new replacement windows, as well as new retrofit windows, where the existing frame stays intact and there is no penetration of the existing waterproofing. Every door and window is made custom.  We do not carry an inventory or stock doors and windows. 

Yes, we do!  We offer a variety of collections with full-size displays, hand samples, finish samples, glass samples, and corner samples.  While we wish we could show every window and door type, finish color, glass type, and hardware type from every manufacturer’s collection we offer, there are a myriad of combinations and product lines that are constantly being improved and discontinued.  It is important for us to be able to explain to you these features and which best meet your home’s needs.  For certain projects we can do mock up samples when the timeline permits.  We advise all potential customers to speak to us early in the process, before your home breaks ground, as lead times are extremely long and constantly changing. 

We truly are passionate about the service we provide and enjoy collaborating with you to make your home as special as you. Our mission is to educate, collaborate, and communicate clearly with you throughout the door and window buying experience from start to finish. 

We provide the highest quality and warrantied windows and doors .To see all of the manufacturers of windows and doors we offer, please review our Products Page by Brand, or, even better, give us a call and schedule an appointment to see us!

We offer standard-size and custom doors and windows that range from Entry doors to custom-made windows inside of doors. Our most popular window is the Pass through. To see all of the windows and doors we offer, please review our Products Page by Category, or, even better, give us a call and schedule an appointment to see us!

On average, proposals take 1-2 weeks. This depends on scope, if plans are present, and if special factory approval is needed. If drawings are required we need a deposit and on average 2-4 weeks.

With an engaged customer, the sales process typically takes 2 weeks to review and revise the window and door package, as there are several parties that need to review – homeowner, builder and architect.

We offer a variety of materials that are designed to meet different needs:  steel, aluminum, thermally broken aluminum, all wood, wood clad, composite, and vinyl. We have product collections to meet all types of budgets, climates and performance. Make an appointment!

Our team is trained to offer the highest quality customer service, from educating customers about the products we sell, to supporting the sales process in the field with preliminary measurement and final review with your building team.  For more details about all of our services please review our services page.

All of our products come with a warranty and a commitment to customer service.

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