Why a Window & Door Showroom Matters and 3 reasons to work with Our Design Thinking Company.

Going it alone does not generally result in the best outcomes. This truth is underscored when it comes to purchasing windows and doors for your home. Our passion here at Designer Window Supply is helping to guide and collaborate with our clients. We offer an experience unlike any other window and door dealer in the San Diego area. Our knowledge, onsite support, and, most importantly, our design thinking are the hallmark of what makes our team standout and it’s this philosophy that continues to propel our award winning business forward.

One of our most important qualities which hundreds of clients have expressed is the “hands on” approach we extend to you when working with us. Our team comes from a diverse background and array of experiences in the fenestration industry and it is only from that collective knowledge that we give honest, accurate and useful information to help you make the best decision for your home window and door project.

Why is design thinking better? 

We truly believe that one size does not fit all. The evolution of products in the Window and Door industry is well documented; there are new product configurations (pass through windows, multi slide doors, pivoting, bifold etc.), materials are constantly evolving, building code rules to follow, and lifestyle and design trends creating literally thousands of options for customers. Today’s window and door professionals need to know how to help our clients determine which look, material and price is best for their particular project.

The top 3 reasons to work with our company is due to our Design Thinking:

  1. Understanding: of all of these nuances and details has never been more important. Having this robust knowledge of the entire landscape provides unmatched value for homeowners entering a new window project. Our design thinking encompasses all of these traits from the moment we connect with someone to the day the installation is completed. In fact, it’s so important we named the company (Designer Window Supply) after it. Design means creating and understanding the details.
  2. Integrity: Is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. We are committed to helping our clients get the look and outcome at the correct price no matter what the economic incentive is to our team. We are truly partners with builders, installers, architect, designers and most importantly our customer (the homeowner). We have walked away from deals that would have compensated our company but was not in the best interest of the customer. Rest assured that we will always dot eh right thing, even if that means that we have to say “no.”
  3. Experience: Our team comprises over 75 years of combined experience. We have had the honor of working with San Diego’s most trusted contractors, architects and interiors designers and are proud to be part of your home. Our purpose is to use design thinking to help customers purchase the right product for their unique and individual home expression.

Visit Our Showroom

Visualizing your new windows and doors can be a challenge. We encourage all of our clients to come into our showroom and discuss what options are available and what price range makes the most sense for the home and budget. Our showroom is filled with experts who will guide you through these decisions. North County, South County and San Diego’s inland empire’s premier builders, architects and interior designers call (858-793-0339) Designer Window Supply when considering all of the window and door options. We also encourage you to click our link Contact and book an appointment. You’ll be glad you did.

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