Existing Front Door Stolen! Results in a Life-Time Warranty Masterpiece

At Designer Window Supply we truly enjoy helping customers with their door and window goals.  While we do hear a lot of “horror” stories about bad experiences, until recently we had never heard of a front door being stolen. 

Located it in the heart of the Encinitas suburbs, Mike and Carol’s residential community exemplifies San Diego’s Mission roots with its Spanish Revival style of architecture, featuring tile rooves, earthy adobe pallets, exposed beam accents, and generous overhangs. Homeowners Mike and Carol loved their original entry doors, a pair of 10-panel, dark-stained VG fir doors, but needed to refinish them after decades of enjoyment. They hired a painter to put up temporary doors and take the existing pair to their shop for refinishing. Unfortunately, during this process, the doors were reported as stolen, forcing Mike and Carol to find an alternative solution. 

They whittled down their new Entry doors to two options: a pair of Simpson stain-grade, VG fir, entry doors and a pair of custom-made, 2 panel fiberglass doors by Jeld-Wen’s Aurora product line. Mike and Carol selected the Jeld-Wen Aurora product because it is warrantied for as long as Mike and Carol own and occupy their home. The value of the door is that it is so beautifully made that it is nearly impossible to tell that the door is not genuine wood to the untrained, and even trained, eye.  Jeld-Wen entry doors are also so customizable that homeowners can personalize their entry door to reflect their home’s unique identity by adding ironwork (grills, clavos and straps) and hand assembled glasswork. Plus, for Mike and Carol, the limited life time warranty means they will never again have to replace their entry doors and go through the horror of having their personal property stollen.

Our skilled sales staff knows the importance of educating customers about the product options that best suit their desired goals and scheduling a jobsite visit to review the door opening, because every window and door tells a story. In Mike and Carol’s case, the unique jobsite conditions were to keep intact the existing jamb and not touch the existing stucco and weatherproofing. At Designer Window Supply, we partner with trusted installers and builders to make sure that your home renovation project runs smoothly. We coordinate our site visits with one of our trusted professionals so that we can develop a cohesive plan reflecting the method of installation and scope of work. As the existing hardware was still in possession of Mike and Carol, the builder was able to generate measurements to incorporate the current hinges and entry door trim hardware into the new door design. While it is a lot of work on the front end of the sale, this helps with the tail end, when the product is delivered, to ensure a smooth process of installation and completion of the job. The final product is a combination of the homeowner’s vision, Designer Window Supply’s product, jobsite, and design knowledge, and a qualified contractor to perform the work. 

While Mike and Carol did not originally intend to buy a new entry door system for their Encinitas home, they became one of our beloved customer’s as we were able to help them design and create a new entry door system that enhances the individual personality and the Spanish Revival architectural characteristics of their home. 

Want to know more? Check out Jeld-Wen’s many customization options for their fiberglass doors. Want a free custom quote or help designing your entry door? Fill out our quote form or call 858-793-0339.

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