5 Reasons to consider a Multi Slide door for your next home project…

The evolution of the window and door industry has brought many unique styles and innovative operating systems to make your home more attractive and versatile to live in. Southern California has led many of the latest window and door developments that are specifically attuned to, and inspired by, our temperate climate and love of blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living. 

One of the most popular window and door trends was the bifold door (often referred to as a folding or accordion door due to its operation), but most recently, the multi slide door (featuring three or more tracks with operable panels) has taken over home remodeling. Multi-slide patio doors are an amazing way to open up the living area without breaking the budget by incorporating panoramic views and enhancing the natural light in the home. In fact, moving natural light through the homes is so popular that according to the Glass Industry Forecast, glass panels used inside interior doors is on the rise with a 6% annual growth <link to article>.

Here at Designer Window Supply our team has helped thousands of San Diego homeowners understand the benefits of having a multi slide door in your home. Our top 5 reasons are listed below:

1. Bring the Outdoors Inside. Sounds hard right? The Multi Slide Door has now given homeowners this ability. What seems common for resort properties around the world now has the same functionality for almost any home.

2. Luxurious Touch. From the most sophisticated interior designer to the DYI weekend home project warrior. Adding this sophisticated door system to your home is a huge bonus both aesthetically and for practicality to the the ease of installation.

3. Efficiency. The smooth operation of the Multi-Slide door features insulating foam in the rails and stiles and a thermally broken sill to help lower energy bills year around.

4. The View is the Experience. We believe the floor-to-ceiling design helps create a seamless transition from the interior of the home to the exterior. Enhancing each view from the ground to the sky. Bifolds are top hung and need an engineered header according to the load, meaning more framing/less space for glass. You now have views you didn’t know existed.

5. Narrow Your Sight Lines with a Contemporary Look. Many homes today are wanting a modern feel and look. When using Multi Slide doors less panels are needed equaling less sight lines obstructing your view.

If any of those reasons jumped out at you we wouldn’t be surprised. In fact, the list could go on and on with dozens of reasons to consider putting a Multi-Slide into your home. The thought of having this luxurious look brings a smile to the faces of not only our homeowner clients but we work with San Diego’s premier Architectural and Design experts who also often recommend this look for their clients as well.

Wondering which manufacturers to consider ? We have the solution with only the highest warranties and performing products. As the leading authority in the San Diego marketplace, our team listens to you and understands which door solution will best fit your needs. Brands like Marvin, Fleetwood, Weiland and LaCantina Doors (to name a few) are staples of coastal and inland homes looking to remodel and enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors.

We recently completed a new construction home along the Solana Beach and Encinitas coastal corridor and the homeowner was faced with the difficult decision of choosing between a larger door opening of three bifolding systems, or more patio space of three multi slide systems.  In addition, we worked with the builder to capture the construction cost savings of the multi slide system over the added costs of the bifolding system. The home was completed and the owners let us know how much they appreciated our guidance and now have recommended us to their neighbors.

In conclusion, the time to start thinking about adding a new window or door package starts early in the construction process, during the design phase. For those homeowners that are living at home during construction, and cannot afford a designer or architect, call us for a consultation. We invite you to come to our showroom, or we will come to your home with one of our certified window and door installers to help you more fully understand what options are available to you with the support of a licensed contractor from our affiliated network. Our commitment to your satisfaction is what makes our team here at Designer Window Supply the leader in the window and door retail space.

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