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Living room with bright open folding doors

Loving and appreciating where you live is about more than your house or townhome. Whether you reside in the city, the suburbs, or the middle of nowhere, chances are you have access — or even a front-row view — to natural or manmade beauty. Blue skies or maybe sunset vistas. A cityscape or skyline that glimmers at night. A garden, a grove of trees, or the start of a forest. A pool, a river, or an ocean horizon.

A well-engineered wall system — one with elevated aesthetics, truly innovative design, and advanced thermal performance — connects your home to its surroundings in all seasons and all climates, blending spaces seamlessly in good weather and protecting the comfort of the indoors when extreme conditions arise.

Wall systems keep getting better and better, making it easier and more enjoyable for you to bask in the beauty of your surroundings. And we’re proud to have invented one that stands above the rest, delivering a combination of innovative features unlike any other folding door system on the market today.

How can your home connect to the beauty all around? We’ll count the ways — and show how the new LaCantina V2 Folding Door improves on all of them.

Emphasize the Best Views in the House

If you live in an area that opens up to a rolling landscape, distant blue-gray waters, or expansive sky, you want all-the-time access to THAT view. The one you bring family and friends over to see when they visit for the first time. It’s a feature of your home that elicits deep joy, and you want to give it the presentation it deserves.

LaCantina’s new V2 Folding Door was designed with views like this in mind. V2 features ultra-thin 2-1/8″ stiles and rails. A panel frame this narrow maximizes both natural light and exterior views, enhancing the experience of the interior living space.

Flood Your Favorite Living Spaces with Daylight

V2’s minimalist, “no hardware” design helps keep the focus on what matters most: beautiful surroundings. Concealed handles disappear into the side of the panel frame. Innovative hidden hinges emerge only when the system is open. V2 literally removes the usual hardware from sight for a clean, sleek aesthetic that elegantly frames the view.

Of course, you’ll want a door system that complements or even elevates your home’s interior design and décor. V2 is available with real wood interior.

Even huge glass panels like these can fold easily to the side, erasing any sense of bounded living, creating flow, inviting in fresh air and natural aromatherapy, and leaving a wider space to play, entertain, and lounge. A V2 Folding Door uses fewer panels to create dramatically larger openings that maximize glass, minimize frames, and improve your home’s connection to the outdoors.

Move Outside with Ease and Close with Confidence

When you have a gorgeous living area or natural feature just beyond the walls of your home — a veranda or a pool, an outdoor kitchen, a garden or a cluster of shade trees — what could be better than bringing it “inside” instantly by opening up those walls with a gentle push?

Creating that seamless melding of inside and outside, that breezy view, that spacious feeling, is all about opening your wall system every chance you get. One of V2’s best features: effortless, one-handed operation. That means opening this sizable folding door system easily, guiding each oversized glass panel smoothly, without even needing to set down your morning coffee mug or evening wine glass.

When you’re ready to close and secure the system, V2 has you covered. V2’s new automatic locking system engages as you close the door, securing it with a satisfying, audible “click.” Also, a new multipoint locking system includes up to six custom-designed latch bolts you can engage for added security — and peace of mind.

Enjoy Your Surroundings in All Seasons, All Climates

You can still appreciate your surroundings even when it’s too cold or wet to engage in person. The right wall system maintains the panoramic view and welcomes in abundant light without compromising the comfortable conditions inside your home.

V2’s energy-efficient, thermally controlled profile delivers both exceptional year-round comfort inside and protection from the elements outside, no matter where you live. So, even in the coldest weather or the middle of a wet, windy storm, you can still enjoy the beauty that’s all around without leaving the comfort of your home.

When the weather is good? Keep your doors wide open, even at night. Every LaCantina system is available with a choice of screen options that resist insects or offer privacy, so you can enjoy fresh air any time of the day.

V2 delivers industry-leading design, reimagined performance, and a combination of innovative features unlike any other folding door system. Learn more about our new V2 Folding Door here.

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