5 Simple Ideas to Modernize Your Home

Dining room table next to big sliding glass doors

Many people believe that they need to do a complete revamp to transform their homes. But the truth is you can upgrade a house with a few simple changes. Click here to read about these simple home remodel ideas to give your space a fresh look.

A modern and updated home is a dream for both new and old homeowners. But home improvements can be overwhelming and expensive. Executing successful remodeling projects demands time in planning and considerable resources.

But the home industry is changing fast as modern trends like minimalism and creativity take center stage. You can modernize your home without spending lots of money by narrowing it down to a few impactful remodeling ideas.

Here are some pocket-friendly projects you can explore to update your home.

1. Choose the Right Doors

The choice of doors has for many years relied on practicality and functionality. Many often relegate door replacements down the remodeling list until the doors wear out.

Updating doors is integral when you want to complement the interior design and complete your decor puzzle. Modern exterior and interior doors are replacement installations designed or customizable to match and complement modern remodeling ideas.

The trendy door is modest— it’s designed with subtle variations considering varying home styles. The industry’s top trends include minimalism, sustainability, simplicity, affordability, naturalness, and elegance.

Door replacements will be worthwhile when the setting fits in with the architecture and reflects your home design vision. You also have the opportunity to let the final setting say something about your personality .

Focus on your style and you’ll find the perfect doors to match your remodeling ideas. Sometimes, you’re better off with customized options.

Also, consider the status of your doors and climate to determine what type of doors will serve you in the long term. You want your upgrade to stand the test of time.

2. Explore Modern Window Styles

Remodeling windows gives your home a new breath of life from the inside and outside. With the right windows, your home looks renewed and becomes energy efficient.

From the inside, you have a chance to match your new window styles with your interior remodeling ideas. And from the outside, windows can make your home stand out to guests and potential buyers.

Modern window designs come with innovative features and styles to make the investment worthwhile. But as a rule of thumb, look for quality window materials that can stand the test of time when replacing windows.

3. Brighten with Neutral Wall Colors

Living room with neutral color couch and walls

Modern home remodeling is nothing less than a challenge in many parts. While mood boards can make coming up with ideas considerably easy, repainting walls can cause a significant challenge.

An easy and increasingly popular option has been to go the minimalist’s way. Minimalists like things calm, soothing, and subdued.

Many interior designers agree minimalists’ neutral wall designs come with endless design possibilities. Matching a neutral color with the correct undertone can create a distinct sense of softness and sophistication in your living room.

Plus, neutral walls don’t limit your color choices when choosing wall art, window dressings, or furnishings. Nivara Xaykao, Interior Color and Design Expert, Benjamin Moore, says neutral sets the stage for other color choices.

According to Nivara, pairing a warm neutral with red, yellow, or orange generates a cozy feel. Cooler undertones like blue, green, or purple combined with white or gray can develop an open, airy vibe.

4. Upgrade With Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

A standard kitchen or bathroom degenerates within three or four years. Even with proper and quality installations, some appliances may need replacements. With a few upgrades, you can turn your kitchen and bathroom into intimate places you love using.

Here are some remodeling ideas to get you started.

Kitchen Trends and Ideas for Remodeling

Reform Your Outdoor Kitchen

The famed Mediterranean kitchen is making waves as homeowners seek social cooking experiences. The outdoor kitchen has grown from being the boy’s grilling zone to a complete kitchen with appliances and cabinets.

Turn Your Kitchen Into a Monochromatic Space

Monochromatic kitchen designs embrace a single color in varying shades to create a refined, lively, and stylish effect. Black or white monochromatic white spaces are more popular, but you can use a different color to match other decorations.

Monochrome kitchen with pink dining set

Integrate a Kitchen Island

Big white kitchen with white kitchen island and stainless steel appliances

Kitchen islands can be a great idea when you need to turn your kitchen into a versatile space. They provide some extra space to invite guests into your kitchen and add storage.

Turn the Bathroom Into a Place You Love

The bathroom is one of the obvious spaces to explore with the latest remodeling ideas. It may not be conspicuous to everyone, but it’s a busy space deserving regular refreshing.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

  • Bring more light, fresh air, and personality into your bathroom by switching to an awning, sliding, or picture windows.
  • Maximizing space is one of the game-changing bathroom remodeling ideas. Replacing traditional swing doors with sliding doors can transform your bathroom into a modern space.
  • A minimalist design is one secret to bringing a genuine spa vibe to your bathroom. Getting rid of clutter and remodeling for an open layout featuring clean lines adds serenity and calmness to your bathroom.

5. Improve Your Curb Appeal

Two story house with glass garage, tiled driveway, and balcony on second floor

Curb appeal is about the first impression, and your home’s first impression should always be welcoming. To do that, you can update your front door and paint the exterior of your house and landscape. Here are some ideas for what you can do with this extra space:

  • Put up artwork or make a mini gallery wall with paintings or even old frames that could serve as inspiration for decorating other areas of your home.
  • A fresh coat of paint on the front door and around the foundation will give you the desired curb appeal.
  • Flowers or potted plants in containers on your front porch are also great ways to welcome guests.
  • Install glass panes letting light pour in from inside during the day, making this area much brighter during waking hours.
  • Create a lush yard by mixing a few perennials, such as daffodil bulbs and blanket flowers.
  • The standard garage door is made of wood, fiberglass, or steel that you can paint to create a focal point. Use color to highlight it and draw the eyes to the entrance.
  • Blast gathered grime on your walls and driveway with a power washer to transform your exteriors. The alternative for the walls, especially if the paint is peeling off, is to repaint.

Kickstart Your Home Remodeling Project

Turning your home into a place you like and feel proud of is never complicated. These easy modern remodeling ideas can make the job seamless by allowing you to narrow down your options.

Some key upgrades, especially windows and doors, may need you to look for vendors. But that should not be a reason to delay your remodeling projects. Make your transition easier with trendy windows and doors that align with how you live.

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