Indoor Outdoor Trends for 2023

Backyard of big beach house with palm trees, pool, hot tubs, and lights

In 2023, we’re ready for more comfort, more fun, and more connection — especially at home. Here are five indoor outdoor living trends that are shaping our spaces and the ways we enjoy them for the better.

Maximizing Glass — The Bigger, the Better

Yes, this trend has been around for a few years, but it hasn’t diminished at all in relevance. When it comes to glass, door systems with taller (10′ plus) and wider glass panels are in demand. Since the ultimate goal is broader, clearer views of the outdoors and plenty of natural light drawn inside, glass with minimal framing is also key. The narrower the frame around each glass panel, the less noticeable it is compared to the beautiful view beyond.

Creating a Vacation/Resort Feel at Home

We need to be replenished at home. A big trend for 2023 is creating a personal space for upscale relaxation, similar to the spacious, comfortable feel of a hotel or resort.

Keeping connected spaces visually uncluttered but full of details that feel good is key. Think high-quality furniture, surfaces with preferred textures and finishes, outdoor rugs, beautiful lighting elements, and favorite colors or patterns. The spaces merely need to complement each other, not match. An indoor living room with straighter lines could give way to curvier, softer furnishings outside.

It’s also a great opportunity to incorporate features and experiences you’ve loved from your travels: an outdoor shower; a luxe fire feature or sculpted water fountain; a covered outdoor kitchen; or lush greenery, such as planters, living walls, vines, or shade trees.

Embracing Sustainability

There are many ways to engage this growing movement. Start with outdoor furniture, which can be repurposed from past uses, made from recycled and/or recyclable materials, or crafted from sustainable materials such as bamboo or rattan. Plant climate-resilient trees and plants (based on the home’s location) that require minimal water. Add solar-powered lights (area lighting, string lights, walkway lights, etc.) and water features. Source items locally when possible, to reduce the need for shipping. The right door system also delivers on this goal, with thermally efficient glass and framing that keep indoor temperatures comfortable no matter how extreme the weather outside. That helps keep energy use — and utility bills — down.

Living room with big multi slide doors open and sun shining into house

Opening Up to More Versatile Use

Our outdoor spaces are truly becoming extensions of our homes. One of 2023’s trends involves discovering or creating new uses for these spaces — and thoughtfully outfitting them for year-round enjoyment.

You’ve likely taken your laptop outside to work, or made delicious weekend use of an outdoor oven or grill. How else could you use the space? Make it comfortable enough to meditate or exercise outside all year? What about creating a new family night dinner-and-a-movie experience that happens outside? Have you wanted to plant a container garden of fresh herbs or a small bed of flowers?

It’s easier than ever to find products that make your outdoor space a first-class experience all year long: durable, all-weather furniture, including a mix of roomy tables and plentiful, comfortable seating; fire features and water sculptures; all kinds of lighting fixtures; canopies, heaters, and fans; and wi-fi extenders that ensure strong connections throughout the space.

Living room and kitchen with big folding doors wall open to let sunlight in

Engineering a Seamless Transition Between Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

That sense of merging living spaces, of moving effortlessly between ceiling and sky, between enclosure and limitlessness, is not new. It’s the lifestyle that LaCantina doors make possible every day. LaCantina’s bifolding and multi slide systems create a seamless transition between interior and exterior spaces. When open, their ability to create expansive openings allows the backyard to become an extension of the home. When closed, their high-performing doors maximize glass while helping to keep interior temperatures comfortable and energy bills low. 2023 is about blending livability and luxury in indoor-outdoor spaces.

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