What does the window and door buying process look like? How long does the quoting process usually take? How long does the sales review process usually take? How long does it take to manufacture the windows and doors?

Regardless of how you identify yourself (builder, homeowner, developer, architect, designer), we use these markers to facilitate our process:

  1. Understand your primary goal and timeline for buying new windows and doors.
  2. Review and select the product for budgeting (pricing and lead-time) purposes.
  3. Approve Quote, understand warranty, and initiate final review of specification sheets, shop drawings (if applicable), finishes and finish details with the building and design team and the homeowner.
  4. Approve contract and submit deposit payment to initiate the order approval process with the factory.
  5. Begin delivery coordination with the installation team and mark the ETA of the materials.
  6. Check in with the factory and the jobsite regarding jobsite readiness.
  7. Send an invoice for final payment and begin delivery coordination two weeks prior to the ETA.
  8. Receive the delivery, inspect the product, and schedule a check in of an unwrapped product follow up.
  9. Additionally requested post-sale support services.

On average, proposals take 1-2 weeks. This depends on scope, if plans are present, and if special factory approval is needed. If drawings are required as part of the order process, we need a deposit and on average 2-4 weeks to generate drawings.

With an engaged customer, the sales process typically takes 2 weeks to review and revise the window and door package, as there can be several parties participating in the review process – homeowner, builder, and architect.

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