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Most homeowners that walk through our doors have little to no experience purchasing windows and doors, and do not have the technical background and education to help them evaluate the hundreds of products in the marketplace. 

At Designer Window Supply, we take pride in educating our customers so that they can make informed decisions about the best windows and doors for their unique homes and lifestyles. This article is an in-depth overview of the window and door buying process, directly from the point of view of one of our customers.

Pam's Story

Pam came to us with a home that needed 42 replacement windows. The home’s existing windows were the original, single-glazed, wood windows that were installed when the building was built back in the early 1900s. Not only were the windows deteriorating, but the majority of the windows had water leakage due to the recent storms in California. 

We discussed an alternative option that would allow the residents to maximize their views and to be able to open and close the windows effortlessly. The overall goal was to replace the windows with a product that not only looked aesthetically pleasing but also performed at a high rate on a moderate budget.

Research and Discovery

We asked Pam how she began her research and discovery of the hundreds of window products on the market. She explained that “it ended up being a pretty short process, as Designer Window Supply came up on my search, I called them and I asked many questions also about pricing and if they could work within our budget and the communication sold me.” 

Pam had very little prior knowledge of windows and doors and found that the other window and door dealer she called didn’t have the time to walk her through the process and answer her questions. Once she started working with Designer Window Supply, Pam found that “the sales experience didn’t really seem like a hard sale situation, it was more low key suggesting and I liked how patient they were while we took some time to get our budget together.”

One of the key steps in the window and door buying process is finding a skilled installer to make sure that the sizes are accurate and the windows and doors will be installed smoothly. Most homeowners do not have any direct connection to builders and installers. When Pam came to us, she needed us to refer an installer to her from our trusted network of industry professionals. She recalls that “we met one time to measure and then we placed the order, the windows came in on time, and within a couple days the installer was there and his team installed all 40+ windows in a matter of a couple days. They were a great, professional team.” 

The Importance of Planning

One of our core principles at Designer Window Supply is planning. We know that a detailed plan is crucial to ensuring a smooth and stress-free process. We asked Pam if there were any major challenges she faced with the window scope of her project. She stated that “if there were huge challenges I didn’t know about it, they just handled it.  The only challenge I knew of was that the house was very old.  Also, we had a tree fall down and block the road when they were supposed to deliver.  They were so cooperative and didn’t make a big deal about it and they came back the next day!” Due to the effects of COVID, lead times have been a major challenge for the window and door industry over the last few years. We helped Pam select a product line that would fit her timeline as well as her quality and aesthetic goals. When it came to delivery timing, Pam had “no issues at all!  They only had a 5 week lead time and they actually came in early.”

In our parting question, we asked Pam what she would take away from her experience. Pam responded that she “learned about designer window supply and the process installation.  I would most definitely highly Recommend them.”

Purchasing windows and doors is often a monumental investment of time and resources.  As a small business owner in a very big pond, it is important that we separate Designer Window Supply from other competitors by keeping customer satisfaction as a top priority and by educating customers on the process of purchasing windows and doors.  We use a collaborative approach that emphasizes creating a detailed plan around the purchase of windows and doors to ensure you have a successful experience, not just with the purchase, but with the longevity of windows and doors in your home. We partner with homeowners, their design teams, and their builders to communicate clearly about the entire life cycle of the window and door order. We strive to listen to and educate our customers during the discovery process, be onsite to review the openings with the building team, and triple check our work.  All of our team members share this philosophy and we are truly passionate about what we do. Thank you Pam for sharing not only your project, but your story with Designer Window Supply!

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