Unique Window Styles for Your Home’s Personality

Your home is an extension of your personality. When you want a unique window and door design that encompasses who you are, how you live in your home, and what compliments your home’s architecture, Designer Window Supply can help you select the perfect fit. With our vast selection of window and door product lines and our team of experts to guide your selection, we collaborate with you to find the best type of windows and doors for your home.

Awning Windows

Awning windows bring the coastal, or canyon, breeze into your inner sanctuary. This particular style can be hinged or cranked. They tilt open at the bottom and are designed to circulate hot and cold air through venting hot air that rises and cold air that falls.  These windows do well in openings that are wider than they are tall and are often combined with picture windows; together this assembly gives your home the incredible views of the outdoors while maintaining the comfort and protection of your indoor living style.

Pass Through Windows

If you are the entertainer of your neighborhood or family, a pass through window is the perfect addition to your entertainment space. Designed with hydraulic hinges, this window uniquely accommodates larger rough openings than a standard awning and extends further away (almost 90 degrees) from the wall than a standard awning that typically opens 4-8 inches.  Most significant, this window had NO bottom sill frame for a true pass through, continuous countertop.  This revolutionary design allows for an unbroken space between your kitchen to the backyard. With easy access for hosting and entertaining, your company will be impressed with the design, and your view will be unobstructed.

Gliding Windows

Marvin Elevate Fiberglass Clad, Painted Wood Gliding Window

Thinking of replacement windows and doors? High energy bills? Are you working on a budget and tight on space for your home? Retrofit gliding windows and sliding doors might be the solution for you. Gliding windows and doors stay in a two-dimensional plane and do not extend away from the building with more costly hardware. They are ideal for spaces where you want increased ventilation but have limited space. Using a retrofit window for your home remodel means additional cost savings on construction and installation because you do not need to penetrate the waterproofing, stucco and drywall.  Instead, the existing window or door frame is kept in place, and a new, better performing, window is put into its place.

Fixed Picture Windows

Fleetwood Aluminum 3800T Storefront Window Wall

Part of home’s personality can depend on your yard and surrounding view. If you want to showcase the beauty of nature and bring in large amounts of natural light, picture windows are perfect for you. A picture-perfect window can make your home the envy of the neighborhood. While picture windows cannot be opened, they provide uninterrupted views, and with dual glazed (DG), insulated glass (IG), and lowE coatings, they are now more energy-efficient.

With so many design options to choose from, your home is sure to be an extension of yourself. As they say, “home is where the heart is.” Put your heart into a new renovation or new construction design, and contact us to help bring your San Diego dream home to reality.

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