Krystal Hauseur

Owner and Founder

Designer Window Supply came to fruition to elevate the window and door buying experience by becoming the industry’s leading trusted advisor in custom residential doors and windows. We continually strive to earn this moniker through our relentless work ethic and attention to detail, as well as our commitment to partnership and follow through. Making the world a better place through small, everyday actions combined with a love of learning are at the core of Designer Window Supply.

Designer Window Supply is a direct reflection of its President and Founder, Krystal Hauseur.  Education and a love of learning have always guided her solution-focused thinking.  Both parents were educators and they instilled this passion in her from childhood.  It grew into a Ph.D. in Visual Studies, where art history, service, and the community became three pillars of purpose in her life. Those pillars have translated into the core principle of Designer Window Supply: to advise the customer of their door and window options that best reflect their unique identity and explain the return on investment of the products they purchase. 

Your home is your legacy and doors and windows are a permanent part of the architecture and physical manner in which you experience your most cherished space. We recognize that by facilitating different conversations with clients, we help them discover the right products for their projects, and this drove us to change the way we do business. We are built 100% from referrals and have the highest 5-star customer reviews. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients throughout the window and door buying experience and are relentless in our pursuit of building the most meaningful spaces.

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