Coastal Craftsman | La Jolla | Marvin, TruStile

Coastal / Beach, Craftsman, La Jolla

Coastal Craftsman | La Jolla | Marvin, TruStile

Welcome to the enchanting world of Coastal Craftsman design in the beautiful La Jolla, California. The Evans Residence is a stunning example of a coastal remodel, featuring Marvin windows, Marvin doors, and TruStile interior doors, thoughtfully provided by Designer Window Supply, bringing together the essence of coastal living and Craftsman charm.

Project Overview:

  • Style: Coastal / Beach, Craftsman
  • Location: La Jolla, California
  • Manufacturers: Marvin, TruStile
  • Supplier: Designer Window Supply

Description: Step into the allure of Coastal Craftsman living in the mesmerizing La Jolla. Designer Window Supply proudly presents the Evans Residence, a remarkable coastal remodel that incorporates the finest Marvin windows, Marvin doors, and TruStile interior doors, embodying the homeowners’ dreams of a forever dream home.

Project Scope:

  • Number of Marvin Windows: #
  • Number of Marvin Doors: #
  • Number of TruStile Interior Doors: #

Budget Range: Exterior: $80,000 – $90,000 Interior: $30,000 – $40,000

A Home of Special Details and Craftsmanship: The Evans Residence stands as a testament to the collaborative effort of the architect, builder, and homeowner. Fine attention to materials and craftsmanship is evident throughout the 4500 sq ft coastal remodel, where special details have been carefully selected and embedded into the home’s design.

Integration of Collected Material Memories: Designer Window Supply worked hand in hand with the homeowner, architect, and builder to ensure that the custom design home seamlessly integrated all the collected material memories. The dream home truly reflects the life of the homeowners, creating a space that celebrates their unique journey.

Coastal Living and Craftsman Charm: The fusion of Coastal living and Craftsman charm in the Evans Residence captures the essence of La Jolla’s coastal beauty and the timeless allure of Craftsman architecture.

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