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Top Benefits of the Milgard Ultra Series


Made from fiberglass, the Ultra Collection is designed to withstand extreme conditions, including intense heat, cold, and humidity, without warping, rotting, or corroding. The fiberglass material is highly resistant to insects, salt air, and UV exposure, making it ideal for coastal and other challenging environments.

Energy Efficiency

The Ultra Collection features advanced energy-efficient options, such as dual and triple glazing, Low-E glass coatings, and argon gas fills, which help reduce energy costs and enhance indoor comfort. The Ultra Collection offers excellent sound control options, helping to reduce noise infiltration for a quieter indoor environment.

Aesthetic Versatility

Fiberglass frames require minimal maintenance compared to wood and vinyl. They do not need painting and resist peeling, cracking, and chalking. The Ultra Collection offers a sleek, modern look with narrow frames, maximizing the glass area for better views and natural light. It is available in various colors and finishes to complement any architectural style.

Client Testimonials

“As an active New Construction & Residential Remodel Project Manger, I am constantly ordering new doors & windows for all kinds of projects. No matter what size of project it is, (2 windows or 40), I always receive professional customer service and attention to detail from Dave and his team at Designer Window Supply.”
Kurtis Kaelin
“When I went to the showroom, I met with Krystal. They not only just supply the windows/doors but also make sure the installation material for their products is used so the product is installed properly... Their product, installation, and customer care is unparalleled. I would highly recommend them for any small or large scale project.”
Dana Hunt
"Wonderful experience from start to finish. Extensive, quality choices, knowledgeable team, competitive prices, accurate delivery estimates and quality product installed. Thank you, DWS! We’ll definitely work with you again and recommend you to Friends!"
Sara Wilcox

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