There are so many products to choose from. How should I get started researching the best product fit for my home from the 100s of product collections and manufacturers in the market place?

Researching on your own and focusing on which product(s) is the right one for your home from the deep product pool is a daunting task. Here are some simple tips we use at Designer Window Supply to help you get started.

Ballpark Budget

Most people do not like B word! However it is often a very useful metric to make sure we are in the same ballpark and we can measure our overall success of your window and door buying experience. Success for most construction projects entails hitting our target of product, timeline, and budget. Window and door product costs are directly tied to materials. The most value driven materials are vinyl, composite and fiberglass. The second factor tied to cost is the labor involved to manufacture these materials into window and door affect the cost. Then, factor in the finishing details, such as paint and interior wood, and hardware and cost increases. Also, materials and manufacturers come with their own limitations due to engineering and testing. We have a talented team of window and door design professionals that will help you to understand and choose the right high quality and warrantied materials for your project within your budget.


One of our favorite questions to ask is “How do you living your space?” This help us determine which window or door system will match your living style in terms of operation and features. Screens help to illustrate this point, you may think they are unattractive, or you may functionally require them due to insects and reptiles. We apply the same thinking to helping you design your space with windows and doors.

Style & Material

Or, as we like to call it Form and Function. Architectural styles tend to rely on certain materials to create the overall aesthetic, and all materials carry specific elemental properties that inform the way they look and feel. We offer a variety of window and door materials that are designed to meet different needs: steel, aluminum, thermally broken aluminum, all wood, wood clad, composite, and vinyl. We have product collections to meet all types of designs, budgets, climates and performance. Make an appointment!

Method of Construction

With any remodel it is important to have a general understanding of the steps involved. We like to suggest thinking like a contractor with x-ray vision. Will you need to open a wall, reinforce structural framing, move electrical outlets and/or plumbing? Will you be living in the home during construction? Basically, what is your goal and the associated scope that you are prepared to undergo? Measuring the ROI is what we recommend homeowners consider. The invasiveness of new constructions adds value to your home and day-to-day life but it is more costly. If you are budget minded, we work with you to factor in various product costs of materials as well as the method of construction so that we provide a successful window and door buying experience.

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