How do I replace my doors and windows? When is it time to replace my windows and doors?

There are several ways to begin a replacement project and we are here to help facilitate a successful window and door buying experience. Here are 5 key topics and some questions that our sales team uses to begin the process:

1. Know your ultimate goal: Are the windows failing to open? Are the windows old? Glass is fogging? Leaking? Are you looking to improve the comfort, living style, performance, operation, or overall design of your home? We begin our process with understanding your ultimate goal for replacing your window and doors and then match you with the best quality products and collaborate with talented industry professionals to achieve your goal.

2. Identify the scope of your project: How many windows and doors need to be replaced? Do you want to match the look of your existing windows and doors? Do you want to update the configuration or keep it the same? Are you budgeting for new construction of retrofit windows?

3. Select your team: Our window and door buying process includes working shoulder-to-shoulder with the entire building team. Depending on the size of the remodel, that may or may not consist of a licensed builder, installer, architect and city plans and permits. We can help facilitate the replacement project with our trusted network of industry partners. We will come out to your jobsite to get a sense of jobsite conditions, take general measurements, and help you select the right product and corresponding team members.

4. Research manufacturers and window and door dealers: Whether you rely on friends’ referrals, or are an online sleuth, we encourage our customers to come in with questions, pictures and ideas for us to reference and aid in the education and evaluation process. There are 100s of window and door manufacturers with varying degrees of reputation (made in the USA and manufacturing over 80 year) and brand awareness. There are several different business models, performance attributes (structural, energy, water and air), warranty nuances (such as geographic location and climates), and levels of warranty service support in the market and we are happy to educate our clients on these factors. Review customer testimonials, affiliations, credentials, and references. We believe in supporting and elevating the building experience and continually improving with our industry partners. We are an active leader in continuing education and working with high-level professionals.

5. Time sensitive and urgent: if there is a security issue or the replacement is time sensitive, please call to speak to a team member and let them know the urgency of getting new doors and windows in the shortest time possible.

Whether you start the process by creating plans with an architect, hiring a contractor, or getting preliminary measurements from a window and door dealer, we are here to help you get the ball rolling and are available to make the process successful from start to finish.

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